About Matt Brown Fine Art

Local Art


Our MBFA gallery features work by residents of Lyme, New Hampshire and Thetford, Vermont, past and present.  Our focus is on local work with the intention to add support the dynamic relationship between these two Upper Valley communities.  Neighbors connected by a shared and beautiful Connecticut River border, these towns have shared school systems, church worship, and all manner of business and social activity for over 200 years.  The cultural, spiritual, financial, and practical exchange between these two communities continues energetically to this day.

Gallery History


Started circa 1995 by Barbara Newton, Ali Farrar, and Peg Little (all three pictured, seated right to left, in the photo above), the gallery first ran as a cooperative in a space at the southeast end of the Lyme Town Common.  In 1997 the cooperative moved into the current gallery space within the Mascoma Savings Bank building at the northwest end of the Common.  Sharing the space with a flower shop until  1999,  the cooperative was taken over in 2015 by Dave and Lisa Celone, who renamed it Long River Gallery.  The Celones started up a White River Jct. Long River operation in 2016 and closed the Lyme location for a time.  Matt Brown, with the help of others, opened the current MBFA gallery on November 3, 2017.  

Gallery Extras


  • wifi access
  • 4 bars cell phone coverage for Verizon users
  • café tables for you to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a cookie (we operate a full size espresso machine in the kitchen area of the gallery).
  • comfortable places to sit and settle in
  • an Asian-oriented selection of art books for perusal
  • occasional framing services 

Our Goals

A Place to Look

This gallery is put together with an eye to functionning as a place which can help us to see our world and our lives a little differently.

A Place to Relax

You don't have to come even close to thinking about buying something for us to be glad you came in.

A Place to Engage

Visiting with stuff folks have made, especially folks that live close to where we ourselves live, can expand our view of our world and our life.

A Place to Work

This gallery is also a workspace.  We frame and ship work, especially Matt Brown woodblock prints, here. If you see lights on feel free to try the door.  Don't worry about interruptions.  We have things set up so mostly we can keep working while you visit.

A Place to Show

A meaningful part of being an artist or craftsperson is to participate in the larger human conversation of learning to interact with tools and materials in the making things.  A sweet part of this intereaction includes having others eavesdrop on one's activity.  This happens when we show and share our work. 

A Place to Purchase

Exchanging stuff is fun, it is an essential joy to being human.  Whether gifting or buying and selling, the activity of exchanging things is an important way that we experience fellowship.  Though we want the gallery to be a place where it is fine to just look, we realize magic happens when things actually change hands and we are set up to help this to happen when it is meant to.