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Pearce Design Jewelry (Fred & Kate)

14 Karat Gold kit shapewedge pinhancer with Kortals and an Emerald Garnet

Fred and Kate established Pearce Design decades ago and have had full lives making their living as makers of handmade jewelry since the 1970’s. They live and work from their studio in Lyme, finding in their “retirement” they enjoy doing what they were working at before: making wonderful jewelry with gold, silver, and titanium and all manner of precious stones.

The work we have displayed below is organized according to price. It is a small sampling of what we have on display in the gallery, we hope to continue to add to this display of Kate and Fred’s offerings soon.

Bi-color SS/14KR Plum Cove Carnelian & Sapphires, $3000

Lady's Bi-Color Sterling/14K Asian Wings Pin, $1775

SS/14K Trillin Red Orange Ammolite w/ Strong Garnet, $1025

14 Karat Gold kit shapewedge pinhancer with Kortals and an Emerald Garnet, $997

Yellow 14 Karat Landscape Pendant w/Peruvian Opal, $885

14K Gold Contemporary Pendant with Garnet and Chalcedony, $850

Yellow 14K Carved Talisman Orange/Red Spinel w/ Diamond, $750

Yellow 14Karat Pendant w/Diamonds & Azurite, $650

SS Patina Floral Garden Ring w/ Oval Chrysoprase, $620

14K Gold Hammered Puff "Wedding Band" Hoop Earrings, $588

14 K Black Onyx Opal Icon Pendant, $560

White 14Karat Satin Swirled Ridges w/Gray Pearl, $475

Yellow 14K GoldEngraved Twig Top w/ Briolette Citrines Drop Earrings, $465

Yellow 14K Pendant Drop Pearl & Purple Spinel, $438

White 14 Karat Patina Waters Edge w/ Pink Tourmaline, $375

SSPatina Leafy Vines Ring, $375

Lady's Yellow 14 Karat Icon Slide Pendants With one Bullet Brown Agate and one Round Red Orange Carnelian , $340

SS Ribbon Post Earrings w/ Gray Pearls , $313

SS Patina Leafy Embrace, $290

Lady's Yellow 14K Endless Hoop Earrings, shown with fresh water white pearl drops (separate item), $253

SS Summer Fun w/ Drop Pink Pearl and Purple Spinel, $238

SS Hinge Pearl Earrings , $168

SS Hammered Gingko Flare Pendant, $120

SS Hammered Cuff Bracelet, $125

SS Engraved Chased Barrette (4"), $120

SS Billowing Sails Enhancer Pendant, $113

SS Rippled Gingko Leaf Pendant, $100

Cast Sterling Silver Patina Open Vine Tendril Pin, $100

SS Cast Open Heart w/White Pearl, $100

SS Hammered 3/4in Puff Bracelet, $100

SS Engraved Chased Light Weight Cuff Bracelet, $95

SS Hammered Furled Feather Leaf Earrings , $95

SS Large Ram's Horn Hoop Earrings, $95

Lady’s Sterling Silver Filigree Heart pendant, $88

SS Rippled Spearmint Leaf Pin, $88

SS Spearmint Leaf Pin, $88

Bi-color SS Rhodium Tiger Stripe Clip Earrings, $80

.SS Back & White Soft Square Clip Earrings, $80

Bi-color Brass Black Rhodium Chevron Round Earrings, $80

Bi-Color SS & 14K Plate Ridged Triangle Clip Earrings, $80

Bi-color SS Black Rhodium Chevron Embossed Circle Earrings, $80

SS Cast Curvy Angles Bar Barrette (2"), $80

SS Hammered Small Thistle Bud Earrings, $75

SS Hammered Heart Leaf Earrings, $75

SS Cast Small Lotus Blossom Drop Earrings, $75

SS Small Cascade w/ Bead Drop Post Earrings , $75

Sterling Silver Uniform Strand with Agates, Length 20" , $75

SS Hammered Circle Clip Earrings, $75

SS Small Fluted Circle Clip Earrings , $75

SS Cast Floral Lily Scroll Drop Earrings , $70

Sterling Silver Cast Open Heart Pin. w/Pearl, $65

SS Cast Heart Pin Curves Off Center, $65

Bi-Color SS & 14K Chevron Circle Clip Earrings , $65

SSRippled Hammered Geranium Leaf with Tendril, $60

Sterling Silver Patina Cast Pin w/ Lotus Flower Accent, $55

White Sterling Silver Chased Barrette (2.5"), $55

SS Hammered Gingko Leaf Fern, $53

SS Cast Angled Carved Open Heart Pin, $50

SS Rippled Small Fan Triangle , $50

SSBlack & White Soft Square Clip Earrings, $50

SS Diamond Shaped w/ Ruffled Edge Clip Earrings, $50

SS Hammered Pendant Teardrop, $45

SS Hammered Plain Barrette, $45

SS Cast Star Asterisk Pendant, $45

SS Chased Barrette (1.5"), $45

SS Hammered Plain Barrette (1.5"), $45

SS Hammered Ginkgo Fern Leaf, $43

SS Chased Club Shape Pendant, $38

SS Fabricated Thistle Bud Pendant, $34

14K mixed finish Twigtop Do-Dah Add on Pearls, Jewelry, $180

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