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TNLG Highlights: Handmade Prints from The New Leaf Gallery

A selection from The New Leaf Gallery, the MBFA gallery's sister project.

April 21 - July 15

Featured are prints made using the hanga method (John Amoss, Annie Bissett, Matt Brown, Sandy Wadlington, Lynita Shimizu, Mary Graham); wood engravings (Abigail Rorer, R. P. Hale), oil-ink woodblock prints (Rick Gerber, Dave Morgan, Julie Rivera, Jay Stormer); etchings (Ann Eldridge, Bruce Peck, Steve MacMillan); lino-cut prints (William Hays, Jean Gumpper, Leslie Moore, Daryl Storrs, Sherrie York); silkscreen prints (Catherine Green, William Mitchell); and white-line prints (Amy McGregor-Radin). Find a slideshow online exhibit of selections below. A more comprehensive online exhibit can be found on the TNLG web-site.

John Amoss lives and works in Gainesville, GA. He began making woodblock prints around the same time as Matt Brown, in the early 1990's.

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