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Woodblock Prints by Kunisada 

Through February By Appointmt. Renovatns Nearing Completion.

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A full gallery of Artists

 Our artists are all residents of Lyme, NH or Thetford, VT,  past or current. This means the work in this art gallery is made locally, either here in Lyme, across the river in neighboring Thetford, VT, or in a place where the makers carry on a spirit of connection to these two small towns, a spirit  learned while living here.  Stop in, you will be pleased with how wonderful and diverse are the voices of folks connected to this little part of our planet.  Left, detail of painting by Nils Johnson.

Utagawa Kunisada - A Unique Collection

We also feature kabuki actor prints by a Japanese print designer, Utagawa Kunisada (1789 - 1865).  

Matt thinks Kunisada was a fascinating artist, an under-recognized master of the Japanese ukiyo-e genre.  The history of the ukiyo-e art form includes many mountains that have been explored by scholars and collectors for over 130 years (Harunobu, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro,  Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi), but it turns out Kunisada was the biggest mountain of all, a mountain that still remains largely un-climbed.  
A fact: Hokusai made as many as 1800 print designs in his long career.  Kunisada?  They think over 30,000!
Check out our Kunisada page for more information on this fascinating artist!


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NOTE: From Jan 1 to March 1 the Gallery is closed for renovations and the installation of a new heating system.  We re-open on March 2, 11 am, and will be open from then on, Fridays & Saturdays 11- 6:30 PM, or by appointment or by chance.

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Invitation to Exhibit

 ARTISTS AFAR:    We are contemplating leasing display space for limited periods of time to folks who are not eligible for participation in this gallery along the lines described above.  If you are interested, contact Matt using the CONTACT button above. 

Our Goals

A Place to Look

We are creating this gallery with an eye to its function helping us to see our world and our lives a little differently.

A Place to Engage

Looking at stuff  folks have made, especially folks that live close to where we ourselves live and who share many of the same places and experiences we do, can expand our view of our world and our life.

A Place for Fellowship

During our open hours we plan to have  someone here happy to chat with you.  You don't have to come even close to thinking about buying something for us to be glad you came in.

A Place to Work

There are other times you are welcome to stop in.  This gallery is also a workspace.  If you see lights on feel free to try the door.  If Matt or someone else is here, feel free to enter and take a look.

A Place to Show

A big part of being an artist or craftsperson  is to participate in the joy of being part of the larger human conversation of interacting with tools and materials to make things.  A sweet piece of this conversation is having others eavesdrop on one's activity.  This happens when we show and share our work. 

A Place to Purchase

The exchange and conversation that surrounds our exchange of stuff is one of the joys of being human.  This activity is a way we experience fellowship. We can see this in the giving and receiving of gifts; it is true also for the buying and selling most of us do every day.