About the Artists and Craftspeople at MBFA

Eric Furstenberg

Eric makes furniture at his wood shop here in Lyme.  The piece we have in the gallery right now is awesome.  A gallery visit is worth it, just to open the door of this beautiful sidebar cabinet and to feel the satisfying snap of its closing.

Carl Mehrbach

Carl makes oil paintings on canvas and drawings.  He works hard to make sure a day doesn't go by that he doesn't make at least one drawing, two of which are currently on display in the gallery. Carl's drawings are titled by the day they were made.

Barbara Newton

Barbara is one of the original founders of Long River Studios, the cooperative gallery that preceded Long River Galleries and Gifts, which preceded Matt Brown Fine Art in this same location.  MBFA is exhibiting both her paintings and her paper collages.

John Quimby

John makes functional and sculptural ceramic pieces using the Japanese hand-building method called Nerokomi. Nerokomi involves form buildng pieces with clay slabs which are a multi-layered sandwich of different colored clays.

Stephanie Reininger

Stephanie makes watercolor paintings. Her themes are floral and pastoral.  She says she is particularly fond of painting in New England graveyards.

Roger Thrall

Roger is all done with his work as a land surveyor.  He now works with wood, making furniture and lamps inspired by a Japanese aesthetic.

Matt Brown

Matt makes color woodblock prints using the Japanese hanga method.  This is the same technique used to make the prints of Hokusais, Hiroshige and others, the ukiyo-e prints of Edo Japan.   Since 1995 Matt has been a member of the League of NH Craftsmen.

Dustin Coates

Dustin turns beautiful bowls from burls.  He says this winter he will be exploring a new way of working with wood and what he envisions sounds sweet and interesting.

Greg Gorman

Greg has been a renowned stained glass artist, practitioner, and restorer for decades.  In the gallery is a bit of his work in glass, but it is looking like he will mostly be displaying recently made landscape paintings which are quite awesome, a happy result of years of experience developing shapes and colors in the mostly two-dimensional realm.

Matthew Greenway

Matthew's studio is up the hill from the gallery, at the corner of Pinnacle Hill and Orfordville Roads, in the Cornwell house, where he lives with his wife and three young boys.  Matthew shares studio space with his mother, artist Phyllis Greenway.  Matthew holds a BFA (2005) from the New York Academy of Art.

Phyllis Greenway

Phyllis has been an artist her entire life.  She has worked as an artist, an art teacher, and as an art gallery owner.  At the MBFA gallery, Phyllis is exhibiting a small set of very special watercolors. Phyllis lives adjacent to her son, artist Matt Greenway, and his family.

Emily Kuvin

Emily designs her jewelry to be simple, elegant and original. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings comprise her collection.  Her pieces are all handmade in New England with precious metals and stones, semi-precious stones and pearls.  Emily also specializes in working with individual clients to find perfect pieces for any occasion.  Emily began designing jewelry in high school. She earned a BA and a JD from Cornell University and an MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She recently moved to the Upper Valley and lives in Lyme with her family.

Sherman Phillips

Sherman is sharing a selection of soaps that she makes at Kingland Farms, her farm on Isaac Perkins Road, up the hill from the gallery.  With its eastern exposure and views of Smarts Mountain,  Kingland Farm has over-the-top, excellent karma, and Sherman feels confident that some of this good karma goes out to the world with each and every bar of her handmade soap.  Bottled Kingland Farms maple syrup is also for sale at MBFA.

Delilah Gourley

Delilah grew up in Lebanon and has been working, loving, and living with horses since high school.  She works professionally as a photographer on her own but is pleased to be participating in this gallery effort as a means to developing her photography work in a speculative way. 

Amanda Ann Palmer

Amanda moved to the Upper Valley from down South in 2006.  She was a ceramics major in  college graduating in 2005. She has been making pottery with a serious interest using her own set-up and kiln since moving to Thetford Hill since 2010.

Kathy Swift

Like John Quimby with his clay and Matt Brown with his wood and water, Kathy Swift is inspired by an Asian aesthetic and Japanese art.  Her brush paintings are very beautiful, full of graceful gesture and movement.

Sandra Bomhower

Sandra has been making an excellent line of exquisite jewelry at her home in Thetford for decades.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, Matt Brown's sister, has been making art for as long as Matt, since their shared childhood.  This brother and sister team grew up in a house infused with art, since their mother was an art teacher.  Each continues with art in their own ways, but for both, art is the main activity of their lives.  Jennifer currently lives in Strafford, VT, but spent years growing up in Lyme.  She is a teacher of art (mainly at Lebanon's AVA Gallery),  an illustrator, a puzzle designer (mainly for Norwich's Stave Puzzles), and a mother of two adult daughters.  Jennifer works predominantly in watercolor but also in oil and gouache.

Jean Gerber

Jean paints with oil and watercolor at her home in Thetford Center, where she lives off the grid, heats with wood, and lives closer to nature than most of us really have courage to do.  She is a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School and her paintings reflect a strong spiritual pursuit for meaning in the visual aspects of our natural world.  Patterns, effects of light, and feelings for beautiful places are some of the topics she explores in her work.

Meg McLean

Meg is a painter, and an illustrator of childrens' books and magazines. She is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art and a member of the Copley Society of Art in Boston. She first moved to Lyme in the early 80s, left, came back, left, came back, left, came back, and so on until returning to stay for good quite a few years ago.  She exhibits wonderful drawings in charcoal, paintings in oil on canvas, and gouache on board.

Orin Pacht

Orin grew up in Lyme and now lives in the Post Mills village of Thetford.  After a long stint working at Designer Gold alongside Paul Gross learning and perfecting his craft, Orin set out on his own, seeking new directions in his work. Orin is also father to a sweet young four year old.

Grayson Alexander

Grayson makes fine hand-sewn and intricately embellished handbags.  She uses deerskin that was grown right here in the forests and hills of Lyme, as well as beautiful woven fabrics, repurposed hardware, and other interesting accents.

Jelena Milone

Jelena works with wool -- using both needle-felting and wet-felting techniques -- and with leather.  Her nature-inspired, whimsical designs are irresistible to hold, admire, feel, and wear.  Originally from Estonia, Jelena now lives and creates in Lyme.

Tom Hughes

Tom was a loved and devoted Lyme spirit who made print series of several of his photographs, specifically prints of an albino porcupine. 

(30% of proceeds donated to the Lyme Conservation Fund)