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Wild about Watercolor 2022

Group Exhibit

September 23 - December 3.

We have developed a gallery exhibition of submissions that began August 19. Entries are displayed in the order they were submitted.

The exhibit is a chance to enjoy variety and diversity in the wonderful medium of watercolor, but it is also a competition. We plan to award prizes (awesome gift certificates from local businesses) for six categories:

-Overall favorite

-Most original

-Most flamboyant

-Most communicative

-Most atmospheric

-Most technically accomplished

October 21 we do a combination gallery event for the awarding of prizes. Voting for favorites in each of six categories starts October 7. Visit MBFA “Events” to find your online ballot.

Forest Floor, by Amy Fortier, 2020 - 2022, Watercolor painting, $300

Octavius, by Amy Fortier, 2022, Watercolor painting, $300

River Stones 1, by Louise Zak, 2021, Watercolor painting

Pears on a Plate, by Louise Zak, 2021, Watercolor painting

Four Corners Farm, Martha Scotford, 2016, Watercolor painting, $300

Radishes and Turnips, Martha Scotford, 2019, Watercolor painting, $400

Trout Bum Party at the Gravel Pit, by Fran Noel, 1989, Watercolor painting

Kestrel Couple, by Catrinka Randall, 2022, Watercolor painting, $500

Takes Two to Tango: Western Tanagers, by Catrinka Randall, Watercolor painting, $500

Eco-logic, by Carol Hendrickson, 2022, Watercolor painting, $200

Watershed, by Carol Hendrickson, 2021, Watercolor painting, $150

Fascination, by Sarah Thimmesch, 2022, Watercolor painting

Trout Fishing, by Sarah Thimmesch , 2022, Watercolor painting, $300

Morning Mist, by Sarah Thimmesch , Capturing the dawn and the early misty morning.2022, Watercolor painting, $300

English-German Alphabet, by Connie Evans, , 2021-2022, prints available, $80

Tom’s Car, by Judi Brown , 2013, Watercolor painting, $300

Madrigal, by Judi Brown, 2013, Watercolor painting, $200

Anno Nuevo, by Judi Brown , 1988, Watercolor painting, $300

Manomet Point, by Judi Brown, 2010, Watercolor painting, $350

Conversation, by Judi Brown, Watercolor painting, $300

Coming Home, Erik Barth (Prints Only), 2022, Watercolor painting, $350

Bass Harbor Headlight, Erik Barth (Print), 2021, Watercolor painting, $650

Cape Cod Trawler, Erik Barth (Prints Only), 2021, Watercolor painting, $350

Myreagre Mølle, Erik Barth (Prints Only), 2020, Watercolor painting, $350

Sunapee Light, Erik Barth, 2019, Watercolor painting, $350

Racing With the Stars, Erik Barth, 2020, Watercolor painting, $350

Appeal to the Great Spirit, Erik Barth, 2019, Watercolor painting, $350

Valley Nook, Erik Barth, 2019, Watercolor painting, $350

Sardinia Street Scene, by Connie Evans, 2021, Watercolor painting

Black Ice, by Nan Rumpf, Watercolor painting, $1255

Micah, by Rick Gerber, Watercolor painting, $1400

Autumn Music, by Rick Gerber, Watercolor painting, $1200

Philip and TImothy, by Rick Gerber, Watercolor and Gouache, $1800

Barn, by Cathy Thompson, Watercolor painting, $365

On the Sideline, by Cathy Thompson, Watercolor painting, $290

Let Me Call You Sweetheart, by Cathy Thompson, Watercolor painting, $225

Hippo, by L. Zimmerman , Watercolor painting, $175

Cycles, by Audrey Kay Dowling, 2020, Watercolor painting, $750

Looking West, by Ellen Grant, 2022, $375

Lower Field, by Ellen Grant , 2021, $400

Tunis Schoolhouse, by Matt Brown, 2022

“Summer” Sarah Thimmesch , Joy of summer, enjoying the last days before school starts again.2022

Black Ice Nan Rumpf, $925

Laundry Day, Monhegan Island. Liz Semple, 2023, $150

“Investigation” Sarah Thimmesch, $450

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