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TNLG Highlights “Talk with the Printmakers" Gathering

July 01 at 04:00pm

Matt Brown Fine Art

Linocut printmaker Daryl Storrs (printing with oil) and woodblock printmaker Matt Brown (printing with water) will compare and contrast their approaches to making prints. Daryl and Matt will have in mind two topics to address:

- what we like best about making prints for NH and VT, and

- there is more to the business of making hand-made prints than you might think!

Our gathering time is 12 - 2. While we won't plan to talk for two hours on those two topics, we will be seeking to entertain and engage in conversation for most of that time. Expect things to wrap things up around 2, and know that, while we won't have our customary big spread of edibles set out, we do plan to have a punch available and refreshing mint teas.

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